Corporate Flowers

First impressions are very important, especially in a business setting where you are catering for the needs of a variety of different groups of people - potential clients, staff, customers and visitors. Corporate flowers can help give that positive, welcoming first impression. It can also help increase staff productivity and it generally makes us feel good!

Vanda Flowers can provide regular fresh flowers, seasonal silk designs or one off gift bouquets... If you are looking to make someone feel important or special, to improving the working environment we can offer you a range of solutions. Vanda Flowers currently supply weekly vase & basket arrangements & Gift Bouquets for a range of local businesses, one off event flowers, hotel guest Bouquets & Bouquets/arrangements for new residents in care homes, as a 'welcome'.

 We offer a completely free consultation where one of our expert florists will come to you, listen to what you would like to achieve and produce a range of solutions and prices for you. 

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