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Flower of the month...

February...yes...you guessed it...Roses!

Roses come in many different colours, the most popular in February (for St. Valentine's Day) being red. The heart shaped petals of a Rose symbolise love & trust & each colour has its own meaning. Most of us know that a red Rose represents love, passion & respect but did you know white symbolises true love, purity & dignity, pink - happiness & gratitude, orange - longing, appreciation & sympathy and a yellow Rose represents intimate friendship & solidarity?

Whatever colour or number of Roses you are given or choose to buy for someone else this month, don't forget to follow the care card provided by your florist, enjoy them & Happy Valentine's Day!

January - Tulips.

Did you know that in the sixteenth century you could buy a canalside house in Amsterdam for the price of one Tulip bulb?!

Care of your Tulips:

Tulips continue to grow after cutting so use a tall enough vase to support them, cut their stems at an angle, place in tap water with flower food (provided by your Florist). Keep your Tulips away from heaters, maturing fruit & the sun. Tulips can be very thirsty so ensure you continue to give them plenty of fresh water.

...and enjoy watching them grow in all different directions!